Ad-A-Day Challenge

When the pandemic first hit, I occupied my brain for a few weeks by participating in an online #AdADay Challenge (this one by a gentlemen named Jeremy Carson). LinkedIn was a good place to make a lot of fun connections and re-ignite my love for making ads.


Creative daily prompts included:

Beats Hosts Silent Disco

Virgin Sells Trips To The Moon

Harley Makes An Exercise Bike

Dyson Makes Planes

Gibson Sells Ukeleles

Swiss Army Knife Customized for Any Profession

Nike Makes Suits

Pelaton Makes Dog Treadmills

Gilette Opens a Barber Shop

Jimmy Choo Sells Workboots

Ikea Sells Cars

Ford Makes Baby Toys

Netflix + Lets You Watch Movies Together, Remotely

Levi’s Sells Lingerie

Chipotle Sells Pasta

Johnny Walker Makes A Single Sip Whisky


And you get the idea!