Aussie Hair

Work from DeVries Global, Sr AD 2018-2019

At DeVries in NYC, I led a team of content creators for the Aussie Hair brand. Creating concepts with strategists and designers, we organized more diverse influencer content calendars, featuring videos with curly haired girls and women from different cultural backgrounds in NYC and Miami. These Gen-Z focused edu-tainment vids were supplemented with bright shelfies, themed pics and graphics that we also executed.

In addition, I helped plan the Purple Lining Pop-Up Event in the Wynwood Art District in Miami, a project that required over six months of diligent daily planning and design. The centerpiece was a block-wide mural created by the famed teen painter Autumn DeForest, who also loves Aussie products. You can see DeVries’ video of the event below. I highly recommend if you like art, and purple : )


SAD, Editor – Jackie Monaco

Executive Creative Director -Tracy Brosnan

Strategy – Tori Stewart, Cristina Colletta