Rowenta Videos

“Dancing irons” made their debut in the intro and promo videos for Rowenta’s DW3 Steamcare Iron. Photo and video content for the #IronAnything campaign became quickly popular, being selected for display in over 100 Bed Bath and Beyond stores, as well as helping the PR campaign win awards for the product launch.

Since then, our design team has created several other pairs of product launch videos (along with many fun gifs derived from the videos) for social media and PR use.

Early on, I edited the videos in-house and added motion graphics. However for the more recent heater videos I enlisted the help of the very talented production team at Nice Bike Content.




DW3 SteamCare Iron, Press N' Steam, Silent Comfort/Compact Heaters


Jackie Sullivan

PR/Digital Teams:

Kylie Keegan, Alicia Gold, Erin Curley, Kelsea Bruce, 5W Public Relations

Videography, Editing, Production:

Nice Bike Content, Jackie Sullivan